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Silver ring Nr. 17










Silver ring Nr. 17


Ring size:

For this model are available 4 variations:

4.2mm3.2g23 €
6.5mm6.6g29 €
8.5mm12.3g38 €
10mm16.4g46 €

Nameja ring

One of the most popular Baltic rings is Nameja ring – both jewellers and archaeologists use this notion to accentuate a particular form of the ring. Most often we see this ring on the men’s fingers however there are also ladies who are wearing it. Original of the ring was found in Latgale, in the castle ruins by both banks of the Daugava.

Namejs ring is a rare finding because during its making process a careful and competent jeweller’s work is needed and we suppose that is was very expensive as usually these rings were made of silver. Namejs was the leader of Zemgale inhabitants but the rings were found at this location place – Daugmale caste – in the 30-ties of the 20th century.

However, most likely, Namejs had not seen this ring – the rings found in the burial places are dated with the 12th century or early 13th century and Namejs were not even born at that time. The ring that was found in Daugmale castle was mist likely the belonging of some later trader as it was the trading line crossing Latvia.

However, nation believed into the legend that derived from the history interlacing with the story and there is no sense in years and truth – people love and believe in idea. Namejs ring is a symbol of Latvia and Latvians in all over the world. Seeing a person with such a ring you can be sure – he is Latvian. And even this person has never been to Latvia, there is surely something that connects him with Latvia.