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Usins – the one, who opens door to happiness




Usins – the one, who opens door to happiness


                          Usins – the one, who opens door to happiness

This jewellery symbolizes an ancient Latvian God „Ūsiņš” - the God of Heaven’s light and springtime. Ūsiņš is the one that brings the morning of the year and rebirth of the Sun. With militant vigour he wins the fight against the power of darkness, he melts the cold ice and brings warmth and green grass, he opens the buds and makes all living creatures happy. A new cycle of the year starts. Ūsiņš is a bright and knowing God, and his companions are two mythical horses, that bring him to the mountain of Heaven. The name of Ūsiņš is derived from the verb – to rise.
Therefore, Ūsiņš is considered as a symbol of susceptibility, spiritual renewal, and morning of life, prosperity and opportunity for springtime.
Ūsiņš is ambiguous. Over time Latvians have appointed him as a guardian of horses, because for Latvians the horse is a sacred animal that must be honoured and respected. Ūsiņš also takes care of God’s insects – bees.
The sign of Ūsiņš has a high degree of similarity with a key; therefore it is also called „Atslēgainis” – a key, which opens the door to life. But not only that! Springtime is love time! Can a new life be created without love? Ūsiņš also opens the door to someone’s heart.
This jewellery is good for harmony, balance, joy and success, as well as for everyone, who starts a new job or is doing business. It is powerful jewellery, with a fire in its heart. It is a real golden key.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!