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Time waves – Grass snake




Time waves – Grass snake


                                           Time waves – Grass snake

The jewellery is made by using widely known sign motive of a Snake or Grass snake in Latvian (Baltic) culture, found in fabric ornaments, in the siege of two quadratic Suns (or Fire cross). Grass snake in its essence is ever-changing and flowing motion, or the sign of time waves, energy expression and changes.
It symbolizes time changes and cyclical character for renewal – the disappearance of the old and the coming of new time. It emphasizes the cooperation of two complementary forces or processes, in the framework of integrity. It is the sign of life and renewal of life – it symbolizes pulsation of sexual energy, a cyclic change in its active and passive condition. Smaller activities incorporate into bigger activities. Between two quadratic Suns (or Fire cross) – there is the connector of creative intuition and practical work, mental and physical strength.
It promotes and strengthens compatibility and rejuvenation. The wish for long life, love and fertility.


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