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The World and God’s Golden cross




The World and God’s Golden cross


                                    The World and God’s Golden cross

In the jewellery are used two our basic signs. Square –substance – the world of Māra, it is called table, because of its permanence and finality. The slanted cross – the sign of God’s blessing, grace and creativity - called the Golden cross – the world in the movement, cyclic process and infinity.
They symbolize together the four elements of the world and beginning from one centre (four basic elements, the four cardinal points, four seasons, four gene codes, etc.),as well as the link between God and Māra – the creative and active principle, the unity of spirit and substance.
The sign is very structuring –it promotes light and knowledge, interest about spiritual values, creativity.
It promotes composure and balanced view of life. God’s blessing and protection.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!