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The Symbol of women's majesty






The Symbol of women's majesty


For this model are available 2 variations:

20x27mm4.2g22 €
32x41mm9.1g39 €

                                      The Symbol of women's majesty

On the basis of the jewellery is the sign from J. Sudmalis Latvian ornament collection (1923). It symbolizes the Moon and Heaven’s shelter and sky. The cooperation and alternation of light and darkness. It symbolizes a woman - creator (the daughter of the Sun) – goddesses Mara and Laima. All life and goodness aspires towards the top, the sky, towards light. It is also possible to see other images, which are connected with the light, with mountain tops, with water.
 It promotes and protects the soul of the home – the presence of a woman – family hearth, warmth, creative abilities and humanity. It strengthens the mission of the woman – the maintainer of life.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!