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The Cross of the Thunder and Goddess Laima






The Cross of the Thunder and Goddess Laima


For this model are available 2 variations:

17mm3.7g22 €
29mm6.8g33 €

                            The Cross of the Thunder and Goddess Laima

On the basis of the jewellery is one of the pronged Fylfot signs known in the Baltic culture already in the 12th century woollen shawls. That is an ever active energy sign, which basic form is known all over the world with the meaning – connected with good. The sign symbolizes the Sun, fire, movement, rotation, dynamic - life and activity. For Latvians it is also known as the cross of goddess Laima and the Thunder. The cross in the middle, points at the beginning of everything in God and expression in goddess Mara forms, and regularities between Thunder and Laima. According to God’s laws the Thunder masters the land and the whole world. The goddess Laima masters the destinies of people. The signs have branches like antennas that perceive cosmic energy and share it in the community. Those are smaller units that are united for a common goal, to become bigger and stronger.
That is a sign of alliance, unity and cooperation - the power sign of goddess Laima and Thunder. It is a sign for a mature personality.
It promotes the unity and mutual adherence to Latvian (Baltic) consciousness. It strengthens desire to live and confidence in one’s own strength.
It encourages realizing individual and common goals and acquiring Latvian philosophy values.

This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!