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virs 50

Table and God’s Golden Cross






Table and God’s Golden Cross


For this model are available 2 variations:

17mm4.0g22 €
22mm6.6g30 €

                                         Table and God’s Golden Cross

The jewellery is made using ancient signs from J. Sudmalis collection (1923). Square – the whole world. The oblique or athwart cross – the sign of God’s blessing and benevolence, called the Golden Cross. That is the world in a movement, in a creative, life affirming condition.
The sign symbolizes world’s four unities and beginning from one centre - four basic elements, four cardinal points, four seasons, four corners in the room, four gene codes etc., connection with God and goddess Mara - a creative principle and unit of matter.
The jewellery is recommended also for small children.
It attracts joy of life, confidence in one’s own abilities. It promotes creativity, bright look at life, interest about spiritual values.
It puts in order –this sign enhances light and knowledge. If you pray – God’s blessing in daily life.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!