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virs 50

Nine – three times nine






Nine – three times nine


For this model are available 2 variations:

18mm4.6g24 €
25mm8.9g39 €

                                             Nine – three times nine.

The jewellery is made of ethnographic motive with nine stars. It is a specially magic and ancient sign that is connected with mysterious nature of number 9. Three times nine is the symbol for integrity of procedures in time and space that in numbers is represented with 3x3, also 3x9 and 9x9. The sign, that is divided according to this principle– in nine bins, seas (or stars) – the movements start from the centre. Here it is in the middle of all nine stars. Further it goes through all other bins, seas (here stars) and ends up with one full creation ring, returns to its beginning in the centre, but already in other experience of soul and other condition of consciousness.
It promotes to acquire knowledge and endurance in every work process. It harmonizes the stages and the end of processes.
It arranges the spiritual and physical powers for success. It connects everyday and sacred values in a Unity.
It attracts the light of the stars. It strengthens connections with the united Universe field of consciousness.
If it is used differently, for example, together with words – I closed the iron gates with nine keys, so that (...) does not come to see the children – that is a protection and immurement.



This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!