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Jumis – the saint, the protector, multiplier




Jumis – the saint, the protector, multiplier


                               Jumis – the saint, the protector, multiplier

The sign of Jumis is especially beautiful in its imaginative rightness, importance and seriousness.
As two crossed ears of corn at harvest time, as something well done, as a bird with wings, who can fly high. All the secret and happiness lies in a couple, that is united, they understand and support each other and cooperate.
Two cups of happiness, one is upwards, to receive the blessing from the highest powers. The other one is downwards, as roots, which receive power from mother Earth. In the middle of the jewellery – the soul – it is the person, who works and plans his work.
This sign symbolises maturity, reasonable performance and fertility. This sign is for the home, hearth, field, family and person itself.
Jumis has ability to bless, to enhance and to enrich. Jumis has both the feminine and masculine power. It is both gold and silver. It is creative, giving and stable.
The jewellery of Jumis is useful both for host and hostess. Its motto is to provide the power, greatness, pride, self-confidence, and self-esteem, as well as wealth, that is earned with dedication and mind. It is a good guardian against external destructive forces against poverty and hunger, which is assisted by all the forces of nature.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!