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Janis – the power of light and fertility




Janis – the power of light and fertility

  • ALLOY - 925°
  • WEIGHT - 4.8g

                                Janis – the power of light and fertility

Janis sign – the accent is on fertility, power and physical maturity line. It is a vertical channel of energy, which symbolizes the flute in folksongs „The flute of Janis, which the girl must hold on”. It is also called the golden reed, which has got three Suns at its end: the first Sun rises, the second Sun sets, and the third Sun in the middle is Janis – the Son of the God.
The sign speaks about the moment, when Janis gives all his fertility to Earth, so that Earth can continue the life.
The sign shows, that the excellent power from Heaven comes down to Earth, reaching the culmination at the highest top. Here is at the same time the female and male power, where they give and take. The rhombus form shows the whole world, which blossoms.
This is a seasonal sign. This is also a key sign that opens the gate to eternal miracle, when two people connect and they are elevated and can reach the highest top, but the flowers of the world blossom beautifully and exist. Even the fern flower blossoms, which symbolizes the fulfilment of the impossible.
The jewellery is meant for everyone, for young and old, who feel that the time of Janis – the summer solstice - is sublime, full of miracles and promises.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!