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Crab, Toad and the Moon






Crab, Toad and the Moon


For this model are available 2 variations:

14x20mm3.7g22 €
20x30mm7.6g33 €

                                             Crab, Toad and the Moon

This sign is connected with mysterious night, darkness and lower forces. Both crab and toad are habitants of night, darkness and water. It expresses and symbolises the power of life of goddess Mara – the Earth mother, which is connected with Jumis and God.
It is a mysterious and majestic sign. On the one hand – in its creative approach – it is a fruitful union, sign of life, it is a rebirth. On the other hand it is connected with subconscious and intuition.
It strengthens and balances connections with the world of dreams and expectations. It strengthens the unity of two people, as well as their connection, to create the third. It attracts and promotes the reception of sky and earth energy and health.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!