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Austra or the Tree of the Sun






Austra or the Tree of the Sun


For this model are available 2 variations:

16x20mm4.7g24 €
24x30mm10.8g39 €

                                         Austra or the Tree of the Sun

The necklace is made using a variant of Austra tree sign, known in ethnography, with the Sun in the centre. That is a universal sign of the World construction and existence. A multifunctional image of human knowledge and ideas, that in Latvian (Baltic) culture is found in particularly many old variants. Austra – it is the morning light. Austra tree – the World that is created by light and in centre is the World’s weaver– the Sun and the Sun’s daughters. It is connected with God and his sons, and goddesses Laima and Mara. The World is weaved also by boys and girls – by people.
It expresses and symbolizes peaceful and balanced sense of the world and the brightness of the soul– goodness. Eternal life and infinite youth. Cosmic love and immortality. It attracts the Sun’s power of life – light, beauty, creativity, luck, wealth.
It attracts special divine power of benevolence and protection.
It strengthens the fragility of the soul, emotional empathy and spirituality, as well as – one’s consciousness about eternity in children.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!