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Palladium wedding ring Nr. 1-50843/040

Palladium wedding ring Nr. 1-50843/040

  • ALLOY - 500°

After many years of looking for a cooperation partner in jewelery shows, we have finally found one, whos jewellery production quality confirms with appreciation of quality in our company.
To produce wedding rings the German company RAUSCHMAYER uses new modern technologies, thanks to which they achieve ideal quality and precision of the product. This company can be described in the following way - excellent design combined with perfect quality. In the crowded jewelry production market of Asian countries, the company is truly proud for its motto: „100% MADE IN GERMANY!”

  • The samples of  rings you can see in our workshop Riga,       Matisa street 52a
  • Rings are made on order.
  • The production takes 4-5 weeks.
  • To make the order the customer needs to pay 100% in advance.
  • The rings in the size range from 15,5 to 23,0 have the same price, regardless of weight changes.
  • The engraving in these wedding rings is free.
  • For gold models it is possible to change the tone of gold (white, yellow, red) and alloy (333,585,750).
  • The approximate weight of the rings is not specified, because it significantly changes, depending on the choice of metals , gold tone and size.