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Auseklitis -guardian, the preserver of duality



Gold price+producing:


* The price of th ring can change depending on the size and production nuances.

The current gold price 34.00 EUR per 1 gramm


Auseklitis -guardian, the preserver of duality

  • ALLOY - 585°
  • WEIGHT - 7.5g
  • SIZE - 19mm

                         Aauseklitis -guardian, the preserver of duality

Auseklitis – the Morning or Evening star, also known as simply a star or Venus – this symbol, which is used in jewellery and depicts celestial body, has so many names. It is one of the most ancient and beautiful guardian signs, which can often be seen in not only Baltic ornaments, but also in ornaments of many other nations in the world. There is no person in this world that could be indifferent to star scintillating secrets.
The sign of Morning star is special and different from the others symbols having the tree of Light in the centre, which makes it polyvalent. The tree of Light serves here as the hatch of energy, which connects earth or the corporeal world with finer plans. The Rhombus in the middle expresses the soul and its wishes and efforts, through which flows the power of life. The star in this case unites also two halves of a whole, creating duality.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!


The most important benefits, if you order gold jewellery in our manufacture:

  • The price of our manufactured gold jewellery is made by current stock exchange value of gold and jeweller’s  labour costs, therefore the total cost of our gold jewellery for one gram will be only  30-45 EUR, and it is approximately 50% less, than when you buy it  in a gold jewellery shop (usually 60-90 EUR per one gram)
  • Please pay attention, if the price is lower or similar, the gold jewellery made in our manufacture is heavier than the imported jewellery, where the manufacturers are more interested to produce very light jewellery, in order to save up on gold. Therefore, even visually massive products are very light and fragile.
  • It is always possible to polish or if needed to repair free of charge the golden jewellery, which was produced in our manufacture.

General information   about ordering the gold jewellery:

  • The gold jewellery is manufactured only after the order has been made.
  •  The total production time is up to 10 working days.
  • When you make the order, you will have to pay in advance to cover the costs of manufacturing   (see MANUFACTURING).
  • We accept also the gold from client to manufacture the jewellery. In this case there is no need to pay in advance.
  • The approximate amount of the golden jewellery is formed by (see MANUFACTURING+GOLD), its approximate weight is multiplied by the current price of the gold per 1 gram*, and adding to the result the costs of production.
  • Take into account, that in the frame   MANUFACTURING+GOLD the indicted amount will slightly change, because it depends on the size of the ring   and the nuances in the manufacturing process. The precise price of the jewellery can be determined only when the  jewellery is manufactured.
  • The weight of the jewellery is determined in the following way: the real weight of the jewellery +10%, made up by irreversible loss of gold, that is formed during the manufacturing process - melting, grinding  and  polishing.
  • The designated costs refer to  classical (red) colour gold jewellery. The jewellery that is manufactured from yellow or white gold, manufacturing costs will be two times higher.
  • Engraving costs in our manufactured products  is 0,80 EUR for one sign.
  • When you order jewellery in Internet, please specify  the text of the engraving in the part SHOPPING CART