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virs 50

The Sun with a Marked Centre




The Sun with a Marked Centre

  • WEIGHT - 5.2g
  • SIZE - 21mm

Available stone colors

                                        The Sun with a Marked Centre

The necklace is made, based on ancient square Sun sign known in Latvian (Baltic) traditions.
That is a sign of the Sun – the world, also the Moon and light.
It symbolises the border of inner and outer world, the fight between the forces of light and darkness and the life-giving and creative nature of light, all kind of four unities – the four cardinal points, the four seasons, four basic elements of the world, etc. It is a reminder about the cyclical developments in the world and nature , the gradualness of process and connection with one’s sacred origins – creative thought, fire and light – everything that is beyond this world – God’s highest advice, that is symbolized by the mid-point in jewellery – the little square. It is a sign of piece, balance, orderliness. The jewellery is recommended also for small children.
It represents and promotes unity, integrity, completeness and protection. It protects love and creative fire. It strengthens personality, sense of security, protects all good. It helps coordinate person’s individual life rhythms and nature rhythms in a united tracery. It generates stability, balance and peace. It attracts the power of light. It is a strong defensive sign.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!