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The guardian of Mara’s garden




The guardian of Mara’s garden

  • WEIGHT - 6.2g
  • SIZE - 30mm

                                        The guardian of Mara’s garden

The jewellery is made by using some slightly transformed mitten ornament from Nīca, in Latvia. The basic form of the sign is a square with a cross in the middle that forms a unity of four smaller fields; it echoes the most ancient signs from Stone Age. As one of the signs in fertility cycle it gains its development in connection with signs, that figuratively express all that grows and blossoms in the world. It is the ever green garden of fertility and life of Goddess Mara.

It symbolizes fertility and blessing of God, the power of life, care, joy, tenderness, beauty, intimacy, and benevolence. The guardian of love, goodness and life.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!