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virs 50

The goddess Laima made a crown for me




The goddess Laima made a crown for me

  • WEIGHT - 6.2g
  • SIZE - 17mm

Ring size:

                           The goddess Laima made a crown for me

In the centre of the ring is an ancient, specific motive of Laima sign (Fire cross) from archaeological evidence. At the edges, on each side are triangles with circles. These are three Suns on the Sky hill. The first – rising Sun, the second – the one that is the highest at solstice, the third – the Sun that goes down. It symbolizes - light, the movement of creative thought, the cyclic processes, and human life spans.
It helps in the twists of life – during changes of time and fate. It inspires to reflection and contemplation.
It attracts the light – the favour of time and fate and protection.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!