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Show the fire, God!




Show the fire, God!

  • WEIGHT - 2.7g
  • SIZE - 11mm

Ring size:

                                                   Show the fire, God!
The base of the jewellery is an ancient  sign of a potter from 10.-12. century, that was found in Latvia, in Koknese. In the position of movement  the sign symbolizes  the created world  of God and a flashing  light and the rotation the four basic elements of the world , and the unity of cardinal points .  It is a sign of constant motion  and compatibility of the similar – cooperation and action  for a united goal.  Simplicity and clarity in relations. It promotes good luck  of any practical work  and commercial transaction, the increase,   movement, the accumulation of wealth and development. It helps to gain success, wealth, prosperity.


This jewelry is presented along with the beautiful presentation of the description, making it a great gift!